I start to make something with this space! 🚀

I plan to write down posts, probably something in between actual blogposts and tidy personal notes. The why of it is beautifully exemplified in More To That’s The Release Ratio. Bref, I consume a lot of online content and sparingly elaborate on it. When I do so, it is by taking messy notes or sending Telegram messages to myself. This space starts as a way to force me to write tidy notes about things I’m interested in, and eventually write blogposts if I think there is something interesting I can produce.

For those of you that write code, this effort is analogous to forcing yourself to push any piece of code you write to GitHub: nobody will eventually read it, but knowing that everybody possibly could is a strong enough incentive to produce something my future self could rely on, and that is all in one place.

Let’s see how that works out.

I leave you with two pictures of the first snow of the season ❄️.

November 26, 2022, Swiss Alps 🇨🇭.